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Kids excel in the exciting adventure of the Montessori Classroom

Your three to five year old will love the hands-on, multi-age group experience of the Montessori classroom. Influenced by the educational approach of Dr. Maria Montessori, the Montessori classroom at Libby Lane Early Childhood Center is carefully prepared and beautifully outfitted to promote your child’s overall development.

Montessori early childhood education has earned the scientifically corroborated reputation for exceeding the academic outcomes and social skill levels produced by most traditional preschool settings. Your student will thrive in the Montessori environment at Libby Lane Early Childhood Center, growing into his or her fullest potential and discovering the joy of learning!

Learning Classroom
Libby Lane Montessori Emblem

The Montessori Method

  • This method allows children to work both independently and with peers within a framework which fosters self-regulation, socialization and independence.

  • It promotes the development of practical life, sensory, math, language, geography, science and art skills through hands on, tactile lessons emphasizing concrete learning experiences.

  • Montessori gives children the liberty to choose and act freely within a prepared environment, leading to spontaneity, discovery and a delight in new experiences.

Weekly Tuition Fees
Tuition includes lunch and morning & afternoon snacks.
  • $75 Enrollment fee per child (annual fee)

  • $250/week - Three to Five year olds

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