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Kids grow in fun and creative ways through our literacy-rich preschool program.
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Your toddler will be safe and happy at Libby Lane Early Childhood Center. Our toddler program for 18 months to two year olds nurtures little ones in a home-like environment, providing fun and creative ways for them to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Toddlers learn to follow a schedule with daily routines and activities such as discovery center free play, music and art expression, circle time and outdoor play. Family-style dining help bring structure to their lives and produce feelings of love and acceptance in each toddler.

An early literacy emphasis is integral to our toddler program. Reading aloud is a daily experience to cultivate your child’s interest in reading and introduce them to the cadence and rhyme of literature. Learning becomes an adventure for toddlers at Libby Lane Early Childhood Center!

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The vivacious energy and natural curiosity of three to five year olds is funneled into learning in the preschool program at Libby Lane Early Childhood Center.

Preschoolers approach the world with a big desire to become part of it - learn how it works and find out how they can interact with it. Our preschool program provides a supportive learning environment to engage their energy level with experiences which challenge their thinking.

Rich play opportunities along with teacher-guided experiences form the heart of the developmentally appropriate program. Teachers create learning environments that help preschool children make their own discoveries about the world. Preschoolers explore materials and learn social skills as they interact with other children.

Our literacy-rich program offers listening and speaking experiences to equip preschoolers with the skills needed for school readiness. Learning, growing and having fun is all a part of the preschool program at Libby Lane Early Childhood Center.

Weekly Tuition Fees
Tuition includes lunch and morning & afternoon snacks.
  • Traditional Enrollment Fee - $75

  • Montessori Enrollment Fee - $75

  • 1-2 year olds, Full-Time Traditional - $250/week

  • 3-5 year olds, Full-Time Traditional - $230/week

  • Full-Time Montessori - $250/week

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